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Alexandrea Weis "For You" Volume One of The NOLA series

When Alexandra Weis agreed to do a new series with Trestle Press, she wanted to have it revolve around something she is intensely passionate about. I knew that nothing short of amazing was going to be coming to us the reader from this award winning author. The NOLA series is already off to an incredible and fast start as the first installment she drops on us, “For You”, is just that, amazing. The ending is something that readers will be discussing for a while I believe; the story is that strong and the ending is just superb, superb, I say again, superb.

Alexandrea has been on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE, a number of times. Each time I just sat back and listened as she has discussed her home, New Orleans. I thoroughly enjoy the passion that comes through in her voice as she does this. She sounds just as emphatic with her written ones throughout this story. “For You” clocks in at about 16,000 words, a novella in some people’s eyes in this new digital age, but each and every word counts as she packs an amazing punch. The picture she paints with her words is breathtaking and thought provoking. The Chamber of Commerce in her town should put her on the payroll. I have not had the good fortune yet to travel to this American city, but the more I speak to her, the more I read her work, the more I want to go. Take the digital ride that Alexandrea Weis is giving us the reader, her personal tour of the town she holds so dear in her heart; you can feel her passion and enjoy an incredible read, one of many to come from an award winning author.

Here are two links, one to the most recent episode of The G-ZONE that Alexandrea was on and the second one to the story itself on Amazon Kindle:

The G-ZONE : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gelatisscoop/2011/07/29/alexandrea-wei...

Amazon Kindle link for “For You”:    http://www.amazon.com/You-NOLA-ebook/dp/B005IASLIK/ref=sr_1_1?s=dig...

Here is the synopsis:

“In New Orleans, ghosts go with the territory, but for Daphne Melancon, ghosts are the least of her concerns. After finding some hidden objects beneath her Garden District home, Daphne is led down a mysterious path by unseen forces that could help her solve a one hundred and sixty year old murder mystery. She quickly learns there are other things that go bump in the night that can kill you. Find out what dangerous secrets Daphne uncovers in For You.”

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