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Bradford Cares! Is all about a small Ontario town called Bradford West Gwilimbury. The purpose is to make this town a better place to live, and to tell its story to the world. I find that Canadians in general don’t talk about the great communities we live in. We aren’t proud of the neighbourhoods we all home or at least we don’t boast about it. Why is that? Is it because we are humble? We aren’t proud of where we live? Is it because we say we’re really from somewhere else? Why is it we don’t have Canadian flags on every entrance to our homes? What are we afraid of?

Bradford Cares! is all about boasting about where you live. It’s the small town experience.  It’s really all about you. Your home. Your businesses. Your daily life. Your dreams, and aspirations.

On the practical side, Bradford Cares! seeks to provide information you can use in your daily lives. This blog is all about you – the people who make small towns their home!

You visit this blog because you care about the community you live in as well. I’m asking for your support in visiting often and following this blog. You do this because you care about where you live!

Your call to action:

  • Please share this blog with your friends, community and family.
  • Follow the blog so you get fresh updates as new updates are posted
  • Add your comments, and get involved in the discussion!!

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