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Gardeners know that if you care for the soil, you can have a great garden. It’s all about the soil. Worm compost eliminates kitchen scraps from the garbage and landfill, and puts it back into the soil. But recycling isn't the only reason to raise worms.

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Reason #1  Humic acid, contained in worm compost, stimulates plant grow and microflora populations in the soil. 

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Reason #2   Worm compost provides plants with a slow uptake of nitrogen. The castings have the ability to fix or grab onto heavy metals in organic waste, freeing up nutrients for plants to use.

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Reason #3   Worm castings prevent extreme pH levels. A good garden soil has a pH of 6.2 to 7.
A lower or higher pH binds-up nutrients in the soil making them unavailable to plants.

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Reason #4  The ability of soil to retain water is increased by using worm compost.
And worm castings benefit both sandy and clay soils!

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Reason #5  Plants treated to worm compost or worm compost tea, grow healthier; better able to fight off diseases, and tend to suppress powdery mildew. During decomposition natural antibiotics like streptomycin are produced.

These antibiotics influence plant and microorganism relationships in a good way.

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I’m Cynthia Morgan and Raising Worms for my Garden is part of My Personal Accent!


See the full post and more DIY, Crafts, and Gardening tips at: My Personal Accent

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