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3 Most Intriguing Works by Artist Holly Andres

Holly Andres takes her inspiration from film and narrative photography, creating pieces of art that weave together memories from her own childhood with fictional stories. Her work explores classic themes like family and coming of age.

Andres works in film and photography, like her inspiration, as well as sculpture and installation pieces. Here are our picks for her 3 most intriguing works of art:

Sparrow Lane (http://www.kochgallery.com/artists/contemporary/Andres/sparrow%20la...)

This series of photos uses a rich color palette and weaves together themes of discovery, family intrigue, and coming of age. Many of the photos feature young girls finding and exploring hidden spaces, suggesting the discovery of some dark secret.

Portraits (http://hollyandres.com/Portraits)

These aren't your typical department store portraits. These photos show compelling snapshots of everyday life and feature a unique cast of characters. There is a tattooed lady wiggling through a dog door, a family posing for a typical portrait (if you don't count the rooster in the living room), and a taxidermist with cat clones in every type of pose, among others.

Music (http://hollyandres.com/Music)

This series sends up the modern music industry, from the stereotypes that surround it to the commercialism it embraces. The photos vary from light to surreal to dark and brooding. All have multiple layers for interpretation -- both about the music industry and the society that has created it.

Andres is an intriguing artist who is creating provocative works that challenge modern culture and our established customs. These are just a few of her most compelling works, but she has a diverse portfolio that is worth checking out.

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