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   I thought I should write a post like this, in which I should talk about the evolution of my blog and my activity.
   Even though this is supposed to be the 2012 retrospective, my activity on this blog started on September, last year, so, I will actually be talking about the last four months.
    In 2012 I managed to have my first giveaway, I've changed the blog address from xtinna-dark.blogspot.ro to crissiesmind.blogspot.ro, which led to losing 60 visitors from 80, but I hope to get them back soon ^^. Also, in 2012 I was more active on the blog, a thing I didn't manage to do when I tried in the past. I don't know if you've noticed but I also deleted those post before September, keeping just a few related to what Crissie's Mind has become.

   In these 4 months I managed to do 21 nail art designs, from which, 9 are Christmas themed and 7 Halloween themed. I hope they are all in the collage above. My favourites were:
  • and probably my favourite of my favourites :)), the nail design I've done for the „Glittery Project” collaboration
   I would like to try making a Top 10 favourite nail polishes of 2012 but I don't know if I will have time for that. We shall see.

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