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If You Lost GFC You Have To Get LinkyFollowers Tool It's Amazing

A short time ago I was asked by the creator of all the blog hops we love so much and now the creator of the Linky Followers Tool if myself and a few other bloggers would BETA test for him. Of course I said yes. I have to tell you it's pretty cool. As you know GFC was threatening to pull it's service from all non blogger users. Well who cares because now we have the Linky Followers tool.

Here are just a few of the amazing features it has:

  • View all your followers
  • View their profiles
  • View their blogs  all from your Dashboard on the Linky Followers tool.
  • Read Followers Posts. So every person you follow if you'd like you can see their posts right there on your dashboard.
  • Mark your favorite for quick access and viewing
  • View a scrolling feed of your favorite blogs you've followed.
  • Use your Linky Followers profile to tell others.

If you're worried that it won't catch on well don't be. A few weeks back there were already 15,000 members and climbing daily. Besides that the creator Brent Riggs is an awesome guy who loves bloggers and he worked very hard with all of us to make sure this was a powerful tool for you. He has a tab right on his page that asks if you have an idea or suggestion. Use it he listens to you.

If you haven't tried it you should in my mind it's like Google Friend Connect on steroids it's super powerful and I love it. Plus you can just automate your featured followers which is wonderful so that everyone gets a featured turn.

Go sign up today it's FREE doesn't get better then that.

LINKY FOLLOWERS (www.linkyfollowers.com)

One last thing, the inevitable question is: Can my GFC followers be automatically moved over to LinkyFollowers Tool? NO. Google won’t allow access to those accounts but more importantly, YOU really shouldn’t sign up someone to a new service. They should voluntarily sign up themselves. You’ll need to ask your GFC folks (and all your blog readers) to follow you using Linky Followers but its easy, quick and did I mention, free? They’ll love the tool. It’s a cool way to organize and follow the blogs you love.

OK Two Major things.
1. You can Follow Me on LinkyFollowers here :http://www.mompreneurmogul.com/blog   Just scroll down and click follow me- ONLY if you've already joined other wise it will prompt you to join. So if you're not on there join first then come and follow me :)
2. Join the new group here on Blogaholic : Blogaholic LinkyFollowers Tool Group  Promote your site and get new followers! That's it. I'll see you there.



Lisa Cash Hanson is an influential mom blogger and  freelance writer who's blog, Mompreneur Mogul was recently Featured on Yahoo! Shine with over 31 million viewers. Mompreneur Mogul is filled with powerful blogging tips teaching you how to make money blogging, sharing giveaways, inspirational stories and her journey as a first time mom. In addition to her newest book Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet she is also developing a baby product set to launch soon. Visit her on Twitter @ MompreneurMogul

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Comment by Lorri S on April 27, 2012 at 11:25pm

Just signed up!

Comment by Lisa Cash Hanson on April 24, 2012 at 11:11pm

Yes Kathleen they do have you visited LinkyFollowers?  You should and at least sign up its free and you'll see how it works it makes it super easy to check out blogs from there and besides anything that gets more eyes on your blog is a good thing I think :)

Comment by Kathleen Garber on April 24, 2012 at 8:02pm

Hey Lisa,

I'm not sure. I still have GFC because I'm still on blogger but am planning to move to wordpress so I've stopped actively seeking followers. But I am working on building Google+, I don't want to build Linky Followers too. I follow blogs on GFC mainly to enter giveaways, I never read blogs through it or anything so to me it was meaningless and LF would be too. Do people really actually read blogs that way?

Comment by Lisa Cash Hanson on April 15, 2012 at 1:00pm

Oh and I'm already following you :))

Comment by Lisa Cash Hanson on April 15, 2012 at 12:51pm

Awesome Kathleen don't forget to join the BRAND NEW :) Linkyfollowers group :)  So everyone can let each other know where they are;

I'm self hosted on Wordpress also Love it!

Comment by Kathleen Desio on April 15, 2012 at 11:53am

I have a self-hosted Wordpress site (which I recommend) and therefore am not using GFC.  I love Linky Followers - it allows followers to connect with me and acts as a central location to read new blog posts from people I am followng.  It is also so easy to install!!


Come visit and follow me too!


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