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About Bradford Cares

Bradford Cares! Is all about a small Ontario town called Bradford West Gwilimbury. The purpose is to make this town a better place to live, and to tell its story to the world. I find that Canadians in general don’t talk about the great communities we live in. We aren’t proud of the neighbourhoods we all home or at least we don’t boast about it. Why is that? Is it because we are humble? We aren’t proud of where we live? Is it because we say we’re really from somewhere else? Why is it we don’t…


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Vaughan casino proposed, is Bradford next?

Casinos in Ontario have been talked about extensively recently, as a way to increase revenues. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) are leading the charge to modernize gambling across the Province. Most of the media coverage has been in regards to locating a Vegas style casino in Toronto. What isn’t getting a lot of talk is a casino located south of Bradford, in the city of Vaughan. Both Toronto and Vaughan casinos would cost roughly about $2 to $3 billion to build. Revenues for…


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Is Bradford’s Slogan memorable?

 City and town slogans can help to characterize a civic identity. Slogans are used to be a magnet attracting people to a community because the nickname is very alluring. Slogans are used to help define the location, in a fun memorable way.  It markets the city or town and what it has to offer the world.


From a Canadian perspective, the most memorable slogan I recall ever was from the City of Vaughan, Ontario. The City of Vaughan came up with a creative idea when thinking…


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Hello Friends, Family, Local Businesses, and Residents of Bradford!


I have the pleasure of introducing to you, Bradford's best blog on the internet. It's all about Bradford's community, highlighting events, topics, and community information. The aim of this blog is to show why Bradford is worth living in, not only to locals, but also to the world. We are a small yet proud community, and I want the world to know about where Bradford is. In less than three days, we have…


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