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Ai Sakura's Blog – August 2011 Archive (7)

Wordless Wednesday: Chinese Manyue (满月) Pastries @ SakuraHaruka.blogspot.com

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The first full month (满月) since birth is a very important celebration in Chinese families. In the past, infant mortality was pretty high so to make it past the first crucial month was indeed worth commemorating!

Big parties (满月酒) are usually held, and gifts {such as the one shown above} are given away to family members and friends. Contents vary,… Continue

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Thankful Thursday @ SakuraHaruka.blogspot.com

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I am thankful that we have a home. It may be just a small apartment, but it is a home filled with love and family warmth. Recently, we hosted a guest for 2 weeks and it is indeed a blessing to be able to provide a comfortable abode for our guest to rest in. To be able to open our doors and share what we have, that's a nice feeling indeed…


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Letters to my girl #1 @ SakuraHaruka.Blogspot.com

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I actually set up my own Youtube channel {aisakuraharuka} so that I can have a fixed place to store the little pumpkin's wonderful videos, and also to leave special video messages to my little girl. In the unforeseen circumstance that I suddenly die *touch wood* at least the pumpkin…


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Durian Party @ SakuraHaruka.blogspot.com

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Spotted another bird's nest today! This time in our balcony.

Seriously, I never came across birds' nests ever (much less 2)! Well, only those I ate haha...

We had an impromptu durian party at the office today. Yay! Happiness. I love that my colleagues are… Continue

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My Girl's Pneumococcal Vaccine @ SakuraHaruka.blogspot.com

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Our little pumpkin is not due for any developmental checks but we brought her to see her PD on Sat, 23 Jul 11 for her pneumococcal vaccine. For the first time, she stood on the scale to be weighed like a little adult. Previously she sat on the baby scale for weigh-ins. Her "official" weight is… Continue

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Walk along Singapore River @ SakuraHaruka.blogspot.com

One of the boy's friends invited us to his birthday party at Robertson Quay last Friday evening, so that's where we went for the night.

Along with Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay is part of the vibrant nightlife along the Singapore River. We were pretty early so we took a nice stroll along the river.…


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Buta Kimchi (Pork Kimchi Stirfry) @ SakuraHaruka.Blogspot.Com

Today was a hot day, so I didn't have much appetite. All I wanted was something savoury and spicy, so I cooked Buta Kimchi (豚キムチ, pork kimchi stir-fry) for lunch. Kimchi is obviously from Korea, but the Japanese have a pretty darn good version of it. Well, in my opinion at least. I haven't tried an authentic Korean Buta Kimchi yet haha. Sorry, I don't know the original Korean name of this dish too.

Dad was in Korea recently for work and brought back huge packets of Kimchi… Continue

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