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March 2013 Blog Posts (84)

That Creepy Bunny, Peeps, and Colored Eggs!

Happy Easter!


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Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Us New Yorkers

Are New Yorkers really that grumpy? Are we really as rude as the movies and tv portray us? Well, kinda. Sometimes. I happen to see things going on week in and week out all around my travels in NYC.


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Expectations from Bloggers

I know it is frustrating when you just created a new blog, or when your blog doesn't have many followers. I am in the same page. However, people should know that it will take a lot of work and time in order to gain follower fellows I mean to actually gain people trust and follow you. It is an equivalence. You want something, you have to give something back. You expect people to follow you, then you should return the favour. You want people to follow you then you should start following…


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Casual Holiday

lovelystyle1Look of the day - More on my blog

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The MTA is the STD of NYC. No cure but we must live with it!

I totally understand all the hate directed at the MTA. There are times I want to scream at the top of my lungs and times when I want to go postal on their greedy asses. I mean, how can they always boast record ridership yet always report that they are deeply in debt and need to cut services? It’s very shady that they never fully open their real books for all to see. The mismanagement is rampant, and they are too top heavy with higher level execs and not enough workers in the trenches. The…


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Changes in the New Pinterest: The Basics

Pinterest is currently changing over to a new interface, and, while there aren't any too serious changes, some things are slightly different.  I've been playing around with the new format and thought I'd run over some of the changes here.  So here are a few notations on the changes to your account home page and directions on adding or altering boards and pins.

The New Account Home Page…


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Looking for something to do near NYC? A quick day trip to Tarrytown.

A great day trip only a short ride out of NYC!


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Get paid for your Pinterest Repins! New Monetizing Opportunity Viraliti!

I joined this new serive called Viraliti. Do you love Pinterest and have a decent following? Be one of the first pinners with Viraliti http://bit.ly/Z8ca5H and apply now. They are only accepting a small pool of pinners as they are just introducing the program.

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Avoid Extra Conference Travel Expenses! Attend an Affordable Online Blog Conference in May!

I  am attending the Online Blog Conference May 17th - 19th offered by the The Blog Workshop. As a new blogger, I can't afford all the cost associated with traveling or  have the luxury of leaving my family for three to four days (I wish!).…


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Pancakes & bacon. Bacon & pancakes. Oh, Glorious Bacon.

There are many spots in NYC that can be described as a guilty pleasure. I have made it a mission to experience as many as I can. My taste buds love it, while my waist line, liver, and arteries hate me. Being a foodie one can describe NYC as living in gastronomical orgasmic bliss. This is my taste adventure at Clinton St. Baking Company not too long ago.

The pancake and sugar cured bacon orgy is beyond gluttonous belief!

It makes life worth living. It makes rainbows in the sky.…


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