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Blog Talk 10 Week Series

Welcome to the BSN guide to blogging basics. Here you will find important tips, helpful articles, and discussions all based on blogging. These 10 weeks of blogging basics were designed for all bloggers new or novice and we hope they offer some insight and advice that will be helpful to you and the structure and growth of your blog!


Week 1: Blog Titles

Featured Post:How To Switch From A Blogspot Address To A Custom Domain!

Blogging Tip: Helpful Tips For Choosing A Blog Title!

Discussion: How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Title?


Week 2: Blog Style and Design

Featured Post: Going Custom! Is It Worth It?

Blogging Tip: How To Give Your Blog A Bit Of Style!

Discussion: If You Could Change One Thing About Your Blog What Would You Change And Why?


Week 3: Posting!

Featured Post: The Secret To Balancing Blogging!

Blogging Tip: Don't Feel Like Posting? Try These Easy Posting Ideas!

Blogging Tip: How Often Should I Post To My Blog?

Discussion: Link Up Your Favorite Blog Post!


Week 4: Organizing Your Blog

Featured Post: Labels: An Organized Bloggers Best Tool

Blogging Tip: 10 Tips For Organizing Your Blog


Week 5: Social Media and Blogging

Featured Post: How to Participate in a Twitter Party

Blogging Tip: The Benefits of Social Media for Bloggers

Discussion: Facebook vs. Twitter- Which do you prefer?


Week 6: Storing and Finding Blog Images

Featured Post: Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog Posts

Blogging Tip: 3 Sites To Store Your Blog Images Online

Discussion: Where Do You Find Images For Your Blog Posts? Do You Store Them Online?


Week 7: Gaining Blog Followers and Meeting New Bloggers

Featured Post: 10 Ways To Gain Blog Followers

Blogging Tip:What Is A Blog Hop Anyway?

Discussion: Share Your Tips On Gaining Followers


Week 8: Hosting Giveaways on Your Blog

Featured Post: How To Host A Giveaway

Discussion: How Do You Promote Your Giveaways?


Week 9: Monetizing Your Blog Part 1

Featured Post: How To Make Money From Your Blog

Blogging Tip: Earning Money From Your Blog: Tips Before Getting Started

Discussion: Monetizing Your Blog: What Has Worked For You?


Week 10: Monetizing Your Blog Part 2: Ad Space

Featured Post: How Much Should I Charge For Ad Space On My Blog? A Guide To Pricing Ad Space.

Blogging Tip: Complete Guide To Offering Ad Space On Your Blog

Discussion: When Did You Start Offering Ad Space On Your Blog?




















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