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Hello, I am new on this site, so thought to introduce my blog. As you get from the name, "The Review Girl" is about reviews on books, music, movies, celebs, as well as exciting giveaways. I also love to do author and blogger interviews. I also post articles on writing and blogging tips. So, if you like my blog, please follow and share my link. Feel free to comment on current discussions going on my blog. 

Plz read my latest book review of a JANE GREEN's "Life Swap" here and tell me which one is your favourite Jane Green book:


Read my latest author interview with a best-selling novelist plus a great topic is now up for discussion, so take part and let me know your views!:)

Discussion Topic: 

Do you love to read chick-lit books? If yes, who have been your all-time favourite chick-lit writer / writers? There can be many writers which you enjoy but answer this: Which is your all-time favourite chick-lit book? Why do you like it so much; is it because of the story or the main character? Feel free to share your thoughts on these questions in the comment section of this latest blog post.


Would love to see comments!:)

Also, I am having a 400 followers Gratitude Giveaway (International), which you can enter right now, to get a chance to win a superb book (10 copies up for grabs!!!) You can get extra entries by sharing this giveaway, so hurry up and enter now!:)

Here is the link:






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Hey ;) 

I visited your blog and I really like the design :D 

I'll come back later to check out everything



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