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Hello everyone :) 

I just found this group and I think it is a great idea! I do not like the "Follow me and I follow back"-thing so many people are doing, since I think comments are more important than countless followers. 

So I would love if any of you would check out one of my two blogs. 

My main blog is called Bookbreath and there I chat about anything related to the written word. Reviews, book news, author information, you can find all that there. 


The other blog is called Creating a Story and it is a little writing project I started. 
I am going to write a story and journal about that, the problems that come up during the process, writing tips, and so on. 


I would love to get some feedback and hope you visit me :)


And of course I will check out your blogs, too. Even if you do not visit mine :D

Greetings from Germany

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