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We all have them... tell me, what do bloggers do that makes your lipstick smudge and how do you fix it? 

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They leave only their URL and no message in the comment area, or don't even pretend that they read your blog and just leave a follow me message!

I know what you mean Darling...  xoxo

I so agree with this one!!!

I can't stand blogs that are riddled with ample spelling and grammatic errors.  I know typos happen, and I know some words are commonly misspelled.  But shit, there are some people who post things that really upset my eyes, and it has nothing to do with the content.  (Sorry, if sound like a grammar snob.)

Oh Darling,

You're not a snob... Most bloggers want their posts to be read or why would they blog for the whole world to see?  For some, it's just a hobby, others, maybe to vent a bit... regardless, good grammar makes it seem like the blogger knows what they're talking about, even if they don't.  See?  You think I know what I'm talking about.. lol

I am so particular about my blogs.  I will keep tweaking if I think something is wrong with a post because of this fixation I have with having everything perfect.  Even eight months later, I'll notice a comma is missing from a sentence and I'll have to get in there and fix it, all the while feeling sick that for eight months people already read it without proper grammar.  I know.  Bad, right?  :)

Hahaaa!!!!  I am literally laughing out loud here and my husband is looking at me like I'm nuts.  You beat me to the punch with the music thing.  I have a couple of dear friends whose music I tolerate simply because I adore them, but for the most part, if something starts blasting me in the face the minute a blog page opens and I can't figure out how to turn it off within the first five seconds, I'm leaving! 

I'm surprised you didn't put "pictures of people's pets..." but then again, you did say you couldn't remember anything else... LOL  

This was definitely the best comment on anything I've read today!  Thanks for the laugh! 

OMGawd Jill Darling... I'm tearing up over here!  

I hate the music thing the most! And they always put the damn MP3 player at the bottom! You hate when they put pictures of their kids up? I've done that. Pictures don't bother me its the ads that flash. Oh and I hate when you start reading it and then it stops and you have to go to another page.

I actually have a stalker spammer, and I'm not sure what to do about it.  The same person left the comment "I follow you now follow me http:...." on three different posts!  She did add a little detail the second time...she added a link to a giveaway, so her comment was  "I follow you now follow me http:...." "Big giveaway come enter http...."  And the third time she was a bit more specific by saying "I follow you on GFC now follow me back on GFC http:..." 

I'm a tad confused on this one...she obviously REALLY wants me to follow her...perhaps she just doesn't speak English well?  Or perhaps she can't read well enough to comment on something I actually said in a post?  I dunno... anyone got any thoughts? 


I refuse to follow them when they put "I followed you now you follow me" not when I took the time to read their blogs I usually will read at least two of their blogs before I follow anyone.

And how come we can never have a blog hop with just blogs? Ones that aren't selling something, making something or cooking something.?

Those blogs are fine, I understand them wanting or needing to sale whatever I just don't consider them real blogs. There not about their lives, their about selling.

Oh and I hate the blogs where the blogger is all about how perfect her life is, her perfect husband, kids,job, house. It makes me sick, and wonder what drugs she on. 

Cause really where do you get all this perfect shit at cause I want some. 

This is so funny because there have been times this has happened to me too.  I'll follow the blog if I find I will want to go check up on the blog from time to time, but if the blog is nothing I would be interested in, forget it.  I feel bad because part of me thinks, wow -- I'm so flattered that this person thinks I'm interesting enough to follow, but I just don't feel the same about them.  The other thing is I might actually put it off and forget to follow, so either way I might seem snobby and half the time I don't mean to. :(


I also want to point out that I have the same thing going on with Twitter.  I'll be followed by a bunch of people and if I don't follow them, they'll drop me.  I'm like, um.. okayyy.  And it's always something stupid like someone promoting cruiseship vacations or something.  That, or a porn bot.  So for a laugh, I might follow for a week or so, and later on think 'what am I doing?' and unfollow.  Magically a few hours later, the same person is not following me either, which leads me to believe that Twitter more than anything has add-ons you can run in the background that will automatically follow followers, or dump people who unfollow them.


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