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I haven't seen anyone mention Escalate so I thought I'd share. 


Escalate has 'offers' that you can post on your blog or website. They're ads and you can choose which size best fits your needs. The minimum payout is only $25, most are $50 to $100. 


They have several great ones available and they add new ones often. I get emailed when new offers are available. 


I joined in the last week of July so I didn't earn enough to be paid in August. But they now owe me $73 and change from the one week of July through the end of August. I will be paid mid September. 


You can apply to join here- Escalate

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You are paid just by placing the ad or by clicks the ad gets?
Basically you earn money when people sign up for whatever the offer is. Some pay on entering a email address/joining a newsletter, some payout when people complete registration, some payout when people purchase something. They're all a little different, but the offers specify when it pays out.
Thank you, I just posted about Escalate, I joined a couple weeks ago. Tons of offers, promotions, highly recommend

What are Some Of The Offers Available ?  Or Companies That Pay You To Post ? 

hi, I read positive things about escalate and decided to try it.  My blog is about 7 months old and with a decent following but it has been almost 2 weeks and I haven't made a cent.  My concern is that I am not implementing the ads properly and have called and emailed their support several times for assistance but they never respond.  I blog about beauty and am wondering if perhaps this program is better designed for blogs that deal primarily with couponing or bargains?? (but my biggest concern is if I am utilizing the ads correctly) I am rather confused and am just wondering if you can offer any insight?? Thank you!!


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