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...that is the question.  I love to blog.  I'm fairly new to blogging.  Sometimes I want to blog and read blogs like it's my job.  Unfortunately, I can't afford to do that.  Where's the balance?  How do you ladies balance everything out --- kids, work, housework, laundry billpaying, blogging???  I have to learn to prioritize better.  Any suggestions?


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I am still working on prioritizing myself : )

One thing that I am working on is scheduling post so that I am posting but not "panicked/pressured" to post because I have a few ready or scheduled.

Also... for me weekends are no blogging (except for this weekend LOL) it is family time.

As I said before I am still learning the balance because it can feel job like but I do enjoy it! So I am looking to see what other suggestions and feedback you get : )

Hi Ladies ....  this will all be new to me soon ... but as for now  facebook has been taken up most of my time and I'll find myself chatting with my gals from Dreamers into Doers offend,  I try to play catch on the weekends and late nites for some reason I feel more relaxed  like there's No 9-5 deadline to meet ....  than I enjoy it for myself !!!    That's truely what counts ...  christina .... P.S.   .Please take a peek ...were not through yet  www.moodyliciouschildrensspa.com    Thanks a bunch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I try to do most of my blogging at night when the kids are asleep and the other stuff throughout the day or when I am not at work but it doesn't always work out that way. I have tried to prioritize and am much better at limiting myself on time online but it's hard to find that perfect balance and get everything done. I think you sort of have to find what works best for you though I am still working on what works best for me so not of much help, lol.


Thanks for the feeback!  I think blogging is so random because you have to do it when you're "feeling it" - in the moment, right after the moment, etc.  I guess it would be a good idea to have a few "stand by" posts as fillers for when you just can't find the time.



What helped me was making a calendar--scheduling when I'd do things.  Monday is Blog Day, Tuesday, is Laundry Day, etc.  And I blog when my toddler is taking a nap or to bed for the night.  Scheduling helps me fit everything in.
I am still a work in progress. Between work, family, school, sports, I barely sleep and I am trying to master the art of blogging. I am crazy and sleep deprived. I need help as well. LOL

Crissa, I can totally relate. I wish i can blog all day! unfortuantely i have to focus 9-5 on the job that pays the bills. However, it's hard work to build up followers in hopes to actually even think to generate revenue. I too am looking for ideas!

glad to not be alone on this ! :)



I totally understand your problem, for me however part of keeping my business afloat is by blogging daily and getting onto my other social sites and being active. But with three kids, a homemade business, housework and a hubby I can relate to the stress on finding time to do anything!! What i do is when I wake up I fix breakfast, make myself some coffee and sit down at the computer, I usually spend 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening (or while the kids nap) and so far it has been working well for me!! I don't blog when my hubby has days off however, that's time I need to spend with him =D good luck!


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