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Follow up from another blog 3rd week back my daughter has trouble with spelling, and i think i have

cracked it.....HOME WORK HANDS...


we drew round our hands and she put the words in the hands and nails ext. No tantrums! score for me, she wasnt impressed we took the book up she has for school as a story book, and she insisted (though didnt get) a normal story! But she has so much its hard to fit the books in!


What are your hints to get your kids to remember the tricky bits....



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Songs and Games that I make up!  We do word hunts by putting words on sticky paper and hide them around the house to find.  Songs to easy tunes that help kids remember things easily!  I sing a lot! Must be the former Kindergarten teacher in me ;)

lol im tone def! But a few mums have sugested putting words round the house, think i will start doing that! See if that works!

Mind we did homework hands and they seemed to work, we drew around out hands and put the words in the hands...home work hands!


Thanx will try putting words round the house!


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