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Alright, so now that our members have started to grow, I figured I'd start a discussion.

So, I'm going to ask everyone to share a link of their favorite blog post that they think captures the essence of their East Coast town, state, etc. It can be a blog post with just photos, or just writing, or both. Whatever you think fits!

So I'll go first, the one that I am sharing is one I did about a month ago. It includes a lot of photos of my family and I on vacation up to the lake.If you don't already love Maine, hopefully this post would push you...


So, what post do you think best represents your "home".


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Hi Tricia,

My blog is about books, and because I'm paranoid I never post about where I live or use real pictures.  Crazy, but I have a friend that works for the NSA, and she's scared me one too many times.  Internet security is a very serious thing and the public really has no idea of all the dangers.  I'm not saying this to scare anyone; we're average folks so we don't make good targets, but it works for me.  I'm just being overly cautious.


Your blog is beautiful!  My hubby and I were in Maine this time last year, and loved it.  I wish we'd had more time to spend in all the states along the way.  We had to zip from MD to Maine for a week there, and zip (as fast one can zip in a car) all the way home. 





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