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Happy tuesday lunch time....


You know i was thinking about my mum, she anoys me to no end, we are very much the opisits of each other! Where my daughter and i are very much the same!


My mother:- likes to put make up, even if she is just going to shops up the street she says "well you never know who you will meet?" i always reply "who are you going to meet in whitley bay?"

She is always well dressed, i have nothing wrong with people being very well dressed, its nice to dress up!

She always has a handbag and everything in it, i have never seen her with out one!

She is always commenting on other people, (very highly opionated)



I never put make up on, unless im going out on a date with my hubby!

I live in jeans, teeshirts and vests

I never have a handbag, i have keys, mobile, and what money i have left (which isnt alot) in my pockets

when i do have a handbag i never have anything in it!

And the last one i never bitch (cause lets face it, that is what she does sometimes) i think there not going to be wasting there time on me so why should i waste my time on them! and if they are more fool them!


So how much like your mum are you?

I only post this cause the other sunday my mum got into a heated debate bout my house (long story) and i said its not my top prioity, and she replied with "well thats not how i raised you!" im just not that material!


Jungle mum                         


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