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Happy tuesday lunch time.... You know i was thinking about my mum, she anoys me to no end, we are very much the opisits of each other! Where my daughter and i are very much the same! My mother:-…Continue

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Comment by Beck Valley Books on Monday

Our Beck Valley Books Review - The Girl in White Pajamas by CHRIS BIRDY"A murder mystery with excellent twists and turns"

"The characters and situations along with the relationships are very descriptive and superbly explained.

The novel is a little bit difficult to follow at first and the way the author manipulates the reader to keep going and persist by creating a little bit of mystique turns the novel into a great read.

The story brings our hero in contact with his past lover when he has to investigate his brothers murder this also bring him into contact with his family and a brilliant ride of emotion and feelings that you can relate to in your life.

The excellent emotive writing of the novelist is first rate. The brilliant building up of the detective and meeting his young daughter for the first time and the way that the relationship develops will bring tears to your eyes.

The read is fast paced and a real page turner with excellent situations and predicaments which add excitement to the story.

The main point that I enjoyed about this novel was the intensity and the really descriptive style of writing. The excellent humanisation of all the characters helped make the plot come to life.

If you like a good solid murder mystery with an excellent plot and characters then this is a book for you and I hope any other novels by this author are just as good or even better."

Find out more on the #book and enter the #giveaway here....

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 25, 2014 at 12:20pm

Our Beck Valley Books review of fun romance Chasing Charlie by Kathy Carmichael 'I found myself smiling and chuckling throughout'

How far would you go to make sure your parents lived the life they really wanted? That's the deliberation of Davis, a wannabe cowboy who has always dreamt of owning his own ranch but had to put that all on hold since he had to take over his fathers business when he died. Not only that Davis is the handsome bachelor in town who could have his pick of any lady, happy as he is his mother's isn't. Her only dream is to see her son married, she has even turned down moving to Tokyo with the love of her own life as she cannot leave Davis until he is settled. What is he to do? Davis and his father in law to be, Jim, come up with a plan to find a fiance to show to his mother until she finally agrees to live her own life and be happy.

Charlie is one of the town librarians who Davis regularly sees as he continues to study up on his dream ranch, not his usual type but his mother would like her, although there is something about her..... Charlie encouraged by her roommate to start being more daring in life and take the odd risk accepts to the challenge of being the pretend finance, after all there's no possible chance anything else would happen as she detests cowboys. Simple enough plan, but will it work out the way they planned or will things take a romantic turn?

This was a real quick read, full of fun I found myself smiling and chuckling throughout. I loved the predicaments they found themselves in, their constant teasing of each other and wondering what would happen next in the storyline. As I've mentioned before romance isn't my first choice in reading but this surprised me and I actually found myself loving the read, there is a charm to this pair that seems to take hold of you.

A nice entertaining read that I really enjoyed, looking forward to book 2 and catching up with everyone yeehaw!!

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 24, 2014 at 6:10am

Our Beck Valley Books Book Review - Yefon: The Red Necklace by Sahndra FON DUFE 'The story brings the tribal culture alive'

"Yefon is a young girl that was born into a favoured and highly respected family of the Nso tribe in Cameroon and one of the families that are eligible to bear the heir to the throne. You will come to love and cherish her, she is ambitious, independent and dreams of a life that is far from the traditional role of the tribal women, where boys schooled and girls worked with their bare feet. Even thinking about being anything but a housewife is punishable, you had to master household tasks and had to make your husband proud and happy or face disgrace. Although more of a tomboy than a young girl, she lacks confidence and is continually beaten down, both physically and mentally by the lack of love from her mother who makes her feel more of an outcast than a daughter. Luckily for Yefon she has a close bond with her father who she idolises which comes across warmly to the reader, he has the knowledge that his daughter is set for greater things. On each occasion he has to go away to work he always brings Yefon a treat on his return and one day he brings her a beaded necklace, which a long time ago belonged to the mother of the people. Why is this so important? What will happen to Yefon as she grows? This is where the book really picks up pace and by the end of the book you will find yourself needing book 2 to continue.

I have a fascination of tribal life, learning about their ways and enjoyed reading about the daily life of the tribe, getting an insight of how they lived and thought and how they connected with each other. Sitting round a fire telling stories to each other is heartwarming and sounds like a life miles apart from the world we currently live in where it's all computers, xbox and the like. The story brings the culture alive and tribal words are included here and there in the read, which you gradually get used to although I wish I had known about the Glossary of these terms at the beginning and not when I had reached the end  There are also beautiful drawings of each character at the back of the book and a lovely note from the author.

I was literally glued to the book half way through to the end, following Yefon on her journey, unable to put it down. Seriously you get to the end of the book at a pinnacle moment and I found myself tingling inside to find out more from the author. This book will inspire all women worldwide to allow yourself to meet your true potential and live your dream."

Read all about the book and enter the giveaway here....

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 24, 2014 at 5:49am

Summer Beach Reading Party ebook Giveaway - 10 Winners !!#summerreading

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summer beach reading

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 16, 2014 at 12:51pm

Beck Valley Books Book Review of Magnolia Gods - a novel by Thomas Hollyday River Sunday Romance Mysteries

"This authors writing and story telling gets stronger with each novel he compiles. His knowledge and historic research shines through expertly. The strong point of this book is the honesty and integrity that the author conveys to the reader.

The novel revolves around the apparent treachery of Captain Lawson and the missing plane we was flying. On investigation the truth starts to unfold with far reaching consequences. When a big corporation want to hide or keep secrets it is amazing to what lengths they will go to and what / who they will pay to maintain that silence. But some people cannot be bought and will fight to the end for the truth.

I think the writer is brave for writing a novel about the corruption and the way that money can hide the real truth to the general public. This novel even though its based on fiction is very topical at the moment where a lot of secrets from the past are being uncovered and those held responsible are been held accountable.

The author is one of my favourites and his books are high on my reading list and always look forward to his next publication. The way that the author uses his expert knowledge of the places and the historic background of the people who live there are first class and add a realistic hint to the story line. 

A real gem of a book about the little people taking on the corporate giants."

Read more on the #book here.....

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 15, 2014 at 10:51am

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Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 15, 2014 at 10:39am

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Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 10, 2014 at 1:09pm

'A very moving and emotional read' is how Beck Valley Books felt about The Last Letter by Kathleen Shoop.

'What a book and what an absolute impact it had on me.  A very moving and emotional read and I loved every minute of this wonderful and powerful story.  This is the very first book I have read by Kathleen Shoop, I have read so many positive reviews on her writing skills that I really wanted to read one of her books and after reading the description I knew this was the one.  This story had me hooked, took hold of me and transported me into the story and into the prairie life. I felt all the emotions within it, sadness, joy, loss, grief, anger, frustration, my heart felt as if it was actually about to break as I became completely overwhelmed.

The story follows Jeanie, a caring mother and a duty bound wife. Jeanie had everything, a family to be proud of, social standing and all the money and comforts one would need until the scandal hit and she finds she has to leave everything behind to save her family through no fault of her own. She loyally goes with her husband, Frank, and children to start their new unknown life, to live in a dug out on the wild, harsh and unforgiving prairie. Despite everything Jeanie wants the best for her children and continues to believe in keeping up appearances even when faced with the lack of love and the growing resentment towards Frank. She is determined that they will survive each cruel blow that life and the hard prairie life brings their way. Jeanie will do what needs to be done for her family to survive.

Katherine, eldest daughter of Jeanie is now grown up, married with children of her own and the date is 1905. She has lived almost all of her adult life feeling nothing but anger resentment for her mother Jeanie, because of unanswered questions. Her husband persuades Katherine to now take in her dying mother along with her younger sister, Yale. Along with them comes letters from the past, will these help Katherine finally piece together those tormented events.

Katherine Shoop's writing is superb, your scooped up into the story and the reason I think I felt so emotional was the pure connection the author makes happen between the reader and characters.  I have to admit one of my favourite television programmes while growing up was, well actually still is,  Little House on the Prairie with Joe and Caroline Ingalis, that was the romantic side of living on the prairie what you will find in this book is the tough reality and the way the author describes the events makes it so vivid and totally believable.

I have found another book from reviewing that I will cherish forever, I will read this again without a doubt and am desperately awaiting the next book in the series from this amazing author.'

Finish reading Beck Valley Books review here:

Comment by Beck Valley Books on July 2, 2014 at 12:37pm

Our Beck Valley Books review on Chokecherry by author Sheri Meshal 'wrote beautifully'.........

"A story that will take you through loss, uncertainty, second chances, hope and the special bond of friendship.

After a tragic car accident loosing her parents and siblings the young Dana leaves the cherished family farm to live with her Aunt Imra. In time the trauma sees her treated as an inpatient more than once to get her back to herself and she also uses her own talents to 'write herself well' by continuing her siblings life's through pen and paper. When her elderly aunt dies after falling down the stairs, secrets she has kept from Dana are told and she is encouraged to return to the farm she once knew as home.

Her journey see's her build in confidence and fate brings Dana and her soon to be best friend Stu together as well as her new furry loyal friend, one eared Slim (the dog). It's a reminder of how people can just enter into your life unexpectedly for a reason or a need and this is exactly what happens here. Dana comes alive when she is reaquanted with the family farm, although now sadly derelict, the memories still hold it together for her. The reunion with her neighbour Malcolm, who had continued to look after the place, gets off to a tricky start but you see it gradually blossom. Dana gets a second chance of life, freedom from the past memories and the weight of loss and a new reason to live. The three of them strive to create something magical and uplifting with the farm but will the farms tormented secret and their lack of money halt their plans?

Sheri has a unique ability to create a magical visual read purely by the talent of her writing as she describes life on the other side or spiritual life from within oneself, for myself personally I would have absolutely loved more of this in the story. It took the first couple of chapters to pull me into the story, having to re-read certain parts as it jumped around a little, but by no means do not let this put you off, it is well worth the read and by the end I was flicking those pages almost as fast as I was reading them. Once read you will find yourself thinking back fondly to the characters and the story.

This is a story is full of hope, reinvention and how you can take control in the opportunities of life if you would only let yourself. If your looking for a really nice enjoyable read and enjoy a beautiful drop of spiritual fiction wrote beautifully by the authors hand then this is the book for you."

Find out more on this awesome #book here

Comment by Beck Valley Books on June 19, 2014 at 8:44am

Read our Beck Valley Books book review of The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright, Author today.......

"A very strong and potent story with emotive scenes which will touch on every human feeling.

The writers style is unique and classic which will appeal to a large range of readers and is one of the best novels I have read this year. The author has created a masterpiece which revolves around three different characters whose life's are interlinked and the circumstances and historic behaviours which make the people who they are today.

A very descriptive writing around human nature and how family traits and influences from ancestors or matriarchs can pave our future . The excellent prose gives the reader a lot to imagine and paints a scene that you can easily see and feel that you are there as an extra . This story is full on and will make the reader become upset in certain parts which only adds credence to the novelist bravery in tackling some issues others would shy away from.

The touching point for me about this book is the fact that all the characters are on a journey to find out where they belong as well as trying to establish an identity which is what I am trying to do in my own life.

An excellent read and one of the best novels I have read and this was due to the authors unique style of writing and the reality factor within the story."

Read all about the book here.....


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