'Tis the season to blog and be merry! Uh... well you know what I mean! With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to do a Secret Santa for Bloggers! How awesome would that be? So are you in?


Join Secret Santa for Bloggers here: http://www.boys-oh-boys.com/2012/10/secret-santa-for-bloggers-oh-wh...

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how cool does that sound Jessica! How would that work?

All the details are listed on my blog :) You sign up using the link to the sign up form in step 1. I will close sign ups on Nov 9. I will match each Blogger with a Secret Santa, and send everyone their match on Nov 10. Gifts should be $10.00 max, and can be a small gift basket, a handmade item, gift card, etc. Anything that is $10.00 of less. When you receive your match you will also receive their address info to mail the gift to them. (Note: Address info will ONLY be shared with your match and no one else!) 

I would be so thrilled if you joined! I think it will be a lot of FUN! And a great way to meet new friends :)


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