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Adding images to blog posts make posts so fun and are inviting to new readers. they break up a long post and add character to any post. This weeks Blog Talk is all about blog images for your blog posts.


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"Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog Posts"


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We would LOVE to hear where you find images for your blog posts. So this weeks Blog Talk Discussion is a 2 part question:


1) Where do you find images for your blog posts?


2) Do you store your images online? If so, where?

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I use primarily scanned photos from my photo collection or I go to http://morguefile.com to get free photos. I store them on my computer or on Photobucket.

Hi all,

I use a combination of Google images, web surfing, and my own pics.

Choosing the right pics can really help tell a story and break up a wordy post.

I take my own images.

I store them on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and also upload directly to WordPress :)

I create my images! but i have an illustrated blog so thats all part of the fun. The images I don't store directly on my website I usually store in PutLocker - an online photo hosting site. 

I use my own images for 99% of times, it's more fun and original :) I upload them on the blog directly, otherwise I have Flickr.

If I look for images on Google, I try to look up for the source always, because all pics end up on Google but it's not that they belong to us...I try to mention the source and before using it I make sure I can actually do it !.

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pixabay  images, on wordpress plugins


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