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Adding images to blog posts make posts so fun and are inviting to new readers. they break up a long post and add character to any post. This weeks Blog Talk is all about blog images for your blog posts.


Check out our post on:


"Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog Posts"


"3 Sites to Store Images Online"


We would LOVE to hear where you find images for your blog posts. So this weeks Blog Talk Discussion is a 2 part question:


1) Where do you find images for your blog posts?


2) Do you store your images online? If so, where?

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Google Images is great!!!

I use Photobucket right now.

I use google images as well. I always find what I'm looking for.

Have to say im a google girl, its easy for those who are just starting...like yours truely! Im in the middle of looking for pictures for my poems page to break up the poems! at the moment its all one script








How would i get pictures in between? I use flicker too, great for my more prof photos i take!

There should be a html editor for your blog that you'll put in the image tag in between the text for the poems ....the image tag being  <img src="linkoftheimage.com">  


Or even if you use a visual editor (kind of like what we use to reply to these posts) there should be an icon of a little picture you can either link to a picture or upload a picture from your hard drive...I hope that helps!

I find my images on Flickr, that way I know for SURE the producers of the image are okay with others using it.  As convenient as Google Images is...sometimes it can get dicey if you borrow images.


I store images on Flickr or upload directly to WordPress :)  


Thanks for pointing that out- it is very true that Google images are easy yes, but that doesn't mean they are free for use. All Google images belong to a website and that website has copyright terms of use for their images some don't even allow for it at all so you have to be VERY careful!


Think of it this way, lets say you took an adorable image of your child and labeled it "smile" then someone did a Google search for "smile" and under images popped up that image you took and hundreds of people used it for whatever they wanted without giving you credit- definitively not okay with most people.


It is the exact same for all Google images- they belong to someone so you have to make sure it is okay to use them.



Mine are my own, I take them myself.  Be careful when uploading images from google or flickr, make sure the owner is all right with you borrowing their images.  Some are very protective of their copywrites.
I like to try and take as many of my own images of possible and then use picnic. If I don't have what I'm after then google images is a good go to place!

I use the website We Heart It! They have great girly images and the site lets you save the ones you like by "hearting" them. I would definitely recommend this site. The pictures are beautiful and its really easy to use. 


Check out my blog at Books Are My Heroine to see some of the pictures I've used. 

Mostly, I take my own photos!

Occasionally I will google one.

And I upload them through my blog (blogger)

i also use google, it always seems to have what i'm after.

File uploads from my own computer



We Heart It





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