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Hello Dear Friends,

As with all lovely communities in the land of the BlogSphere, please be aware of those who want your email address... the latest is silver ndadaye.  Now I know we all love to meet new and interesting people, but really take a good look at their profile.  The tip off for this particular spammer is their website...  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... that should be your first clue.


Let's stick together and keep each other informed when something is "just not right", it helps all of us to be safe and to know who are true blogging friends are.


Cups Up!  xoxo

Caffeinated OC Mommy

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Thanks for the tip!
Thank you! Sometimes members spot spammers before I do so as stated above please be cautious of who you give your email address out to. The issue should not occur to often as we do have a good spam filter but still as the community grows it is bound to happen know that we will always take care of it ASAP! Thank you all for reporting it and keeping an eye out for the community and each other!
thanks for the info! enjoy your cuppa! c",)
Thank your for the info!

Yep... I noticed her several days ago too, and reported it to Emily. Silly people thinking they can get away with it. LOL


I agree completely!! We all need to keep a look out : ) Thanks for posting this for everyone!!
What a marvelous group of people!  True Darlings...  xoxo

Lots of Spammers today : (

WE are getting them though!!!


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