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Looking for new bloggers who Love Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways. Or those who advertise their giveaways.

Hey everyone we are still a fairly new blog in existence for 6 Months.  Our blogs main central theme is all about Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways.  We are looking for new followers.


Our blog - http://linkiescontestlinkies.blogspot.com


What we can offer for Giveaway enthusiasts :


1.  Listings for Americans on the left of our blog, Canadians on the right.

2.  Listings for Regular online contests and sweepstakes as well as Blog giveaways.  Listings are in handy Categories.  

3.  We also now do our own Reviews and Giveaways.  Those can be found in our navigational bar on the top entitled My Current Giveaways here 

4.  You can find other Bloggers who also host their own giveaways.  We are building a huge list of only those bloggers who have their own giveaways.  This list will be posted soon.


What can we offer to Bloggers looking for avenues to advertise their giveaways :


1.  We have our own Giveaway linkie listings always open that you can enter your giveaways updated fairly regularly.

2.  We have a contact us form you can also use if you would like us to post your giveaway on the main postings page for even more exposure.

3.  Need more avenues of exposure then you can use our navigation bar on top of our blog and find 132 other places to advertise your giveaways.


Find us here - http://linkiescontestlinkies.blogspot.com

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