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Hey guys! I am a college student, and I blog about college life in general.

I'm looking for other general or lifestyle blogs to follow. I enjoy reading about other people and how they live their lives. I follow a few beauty and fashion blogs, but my favorite type of blogs are lifestyle. If you have a lifestyle blog, list it here!

If you want to follow my blog you can check it out [www.undefinedrole.com].

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I'm also a lifestyle blogger. Though I don't blog about being in college, I do blog about my experiences from when I was! My blog is about my post-college life: figuring out jobs, living at home again, etc. You can check it out here at: After the Hill

I am a lifestyle blogger, blogging about all things fashion, beauty, food, fitness, school. etc related! I'm in the process of everyone who posted here :) Hope you check out my blog I've recently started up!


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