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Hey guys! I am a college student, and I blog about college life in general.

I'm looking for other general or lifestyle blogs to follow. I enjoy reading about other people and how they live their lives. I follow a few beauty and fashion blogs, but my favorite type of blogs are lifestyle. If you have a lifestyle blog, list it here!

If you want to follow my blog you can check it out [www.undefinedrole.com].

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I blog about stuff in general too.

I recently started another blog - http://beanandjean.blogspot.ca/.

My previous blog is also based on general stuff - [not being my daily updates]  - firebeneathmyheart.blogspot.com

 I'll definitely read yours. (:

Hi Tiffany - your blog is cute!  I started following you and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me back :)  http://notesfromanenana.blogspot.com/

Lovely blog! I'm following now. Follow me back at Driftwood and Daydreams

I have looked at all of y'alls blogs- they are lovely! Thanks for checking mine out.


Hi Jessica!

Mine is a lifestyle blog you might want to check out. It's about my views and experiences living in NYC. I'll check yours out too.



Hey Jessica,

I'm a lifestyle blogger, blogging about any and everything that strengthens, empowers, and entertain women. I've been at this for a little of two months and am finally getting the hang of it all. If you want to smile, laugh, be encouraged, or just vent, visit my blogsite at Properhoney. I'm your newbie follower and liker!

twitter: @properhoney


and the other social media stuff can be found on this site (google & pinterest)


Hi Jessica! I am a lifestyle blogger who blogs about my adventures exploring the Bay Area, food and recipes, books, pop culture, musings, etc. I would love it if you checked out my blog: http://vicenarianstew.blogspot.com/

Off to check out your blog now!


HEY JESSICA! Checking out your blog now, you can check out mine too if you'd like, it's all about stupid celebrity diets and fitness trends... And how to truly live a healthy lifestyle - I not only blog but I make videos too! 

If you like, feel free to share it around with people you think would like it too :D



Hi Jessica!

My blog is a big mix of everything in my life. I share my photography, blog about days out and trips away as well as many of my opinions and how I live my life. I find it really hard to explain...could really do with someone else describing it! Haha.

Hope you come visit! :) thesweetnesstalks.blogspot.com

Hi... Please Visit http://modonika.blogspot.in/2013/02/have-you-checked-dolce-gabbana-...
And get the favor back. I always keep my words/


AHHH! I've also been looking for fellow college lifestyle bloggers! Checking out all of yours right now! Jess, love yours. The theme is so cute :) 

Mine's at Mishfish13

I'm also on Twitter! @Mishfish13

Hi Jessica, I blog about my lifestyle at www.thriftylook.com and fashion at www.katrinasclothing.com

I'm now following your page on facebook :)


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