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Share your story!  How long have you been blogging, how has it changed and evolved since you started?  What have you learned?

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I've been blogging for years, but I just restarted personal blogging in June.  I've really enjoyed it far more this time around because for once I feel like I'm a part of a community & able to contribute.  Plus, it's introduced me to some great people, sites & giveaways!  I've definitely learned that you must always blog for you & what you want to blog about because otherwise what's the point?  If you can't be real in your own blog, then where can you be real?

I started blogging when I was 14, so 8(!) years ago. I've been through a lot of different public blogs in that time, but I've stuck with my private blog because I blog there to vent, and because I've selected the people who get to read it and it's more like confiding in friends than simply blogging.

In terms of public blogging, I've been through so many because I've found it difficult to make my voice my own. I read so many blogs and end up letting them influence my own blog. I'm still working on making sure I sound like 'me' in my current blog.

I started blogging the last part of February 2011.  I has given me confidence in myself I haven't had in a long time.  I use to hate to write letters, book reports now I can't stop writing.  I enjoy doing book reviews and sharing my daily activities with all my friends/readers.
I just started blogging June 2011. =) Yes a few months ago! I've always thought that blogging looked fun. But when I started, I found out that it's not just fun but addicting and confidence boosting. =]

I've been blogging since November, 2000, but I've had a website since 1997.


I was a part of what I call "Internet Girl World." There was a huge community of us. I remember finding it and being amazed that all these young women had these amazing design skills and had a presence on the net, when it had been dominated by males!


I started off with a personal site on AOL, then I moved to sites like virtue.nu. THEN I was hosted (that's when someone who owns a domain offers you space for your site), and then I bought anywhere-is. :) I started blogging using blogger's ftp, then I hosted my own blog using greymatter, b2, and finally, word press.


The world has changed a lot. There were definite trends, and there are still trends. Pixels, cliques, banners, web cams, buttons. Some things haven't really changed, except we've all grown older, aren't so focused on creating epic designs every week, and we're all grownups with jobs and families, and more willing to use templates!

It's been a fun journey. :)

I've have had my book blog for just over a year now. I have had a few failed attempts with blogging in the past, but this is the longest that I have stuck to one blog.

I really enjoy doing it most of the time, but get disheartened when posts which I have worked on for a long time, receive no comments. However, writing is my passion so I will definitely keep on blogging.

5 years on my main blog actually. But I think I got a little overzealous somewhere in between and ended up posting only photos and random Internet images. And I followed up with an un-announced hiatus without saying nor updating anything, which kinda kills my Page Rank by a lot. I only managed to get the PR back up to 2 recently.

Moral of my story: Don't be too anxious to blog on a daily basis on my main blog. It's not like I will have interesting things that will happen to me on a daily basis. And if there's a need to post up random images, it should be because I joined blog memes as it seems more justified.

On the other hand, it's rather different to blog daily on my Beauty Junkie Review blog as I am constantly using beauty products on a daily basis and there will always be something that I can blog about daily. It can be products I am already using, or products I have won and it can also be products where I can get free samples for.

Each and every person is different, so the way they blog is different too. Just because Singapore has XiaXue doesn't necessarily mean I have to blog on a daily basis just for the sake of having readers (or followers). Readers to blogs aren't stupid in the first place, that we all have to be aware of. For example, a blogger coming to my main blog expects to see posts where I blog about stuffs that happened to me on a personal level. But by just randomly uploading random images on my main blog, I am insulting the intelligence of my reader by making them feel like they are being taken for a ride.

It ultimately still depends on the type of blog you are running, what is it for? Is it feasible to blog daily when you have nothing to say, instead of blogging 1-3 times a week when you are much able to blog about something easily. Kinda learned a lesson about blogging the hard way, I suppose :/

My first blog was in 2009. I started it, and there it sat. The 1st one was more of a personal one, and within a week I started another one for my Online Selling. Both of them just kind of hung around, and my online selling then was more like a hobby. At some point I started reading more, following trends of how tos for selling online, things to do/not do, SEO, and all of that good stuff. When I became a bit more serious about selling, or wanting to step it up is when I really truly started working on my blog. Since then I have grown fond of blogging, I worry when I don't get scheduled posts done that some have become accustomed to, and etc.

I should mention that May of 2012 I had an issue with my blog, and zap! It was gone, blocked, etc etc. Course, getting assistance from Blogger/Google is nothing to write home about either. The same day this happened I started a new blog right away to try to gain my followers again, keep everyone updated, and to continue with what I had started. All of my hard work of being ranked had to be done all over again. About a week to 10 days later I noticed that the old blog was once again live....course no explanations, never a response from anyone, and etc. The old blog is still there. Once in a while I leave a note on it about the new blog, new addy, and etc.

After all of this happening I still started another newer blog for a more personal, fun type one. I have domains directed to my blogs, and still to this day enjoy blogging, meeting people through there, and find it to be helpful to me personally having the time to research, take notes, and prepare a new post of a schedule I have set for me to do.

I started in 2005. 

On and Off..

Deleted my whole blog in 2009.

Used it more like a diary..

Now I share our happiness.

Still some dark days.

But we aim for happy!

Only 6 weeks or somethng like that lol

Since 1998, on a blogplatform called: Online journal. Around 2001 I Went over to blogspot. 2003 I Switched to wordppress, ´cos it was easier to manage. Still there on a selfhosted blog. Now I am trying out the new platform called: Ghost.org. On one of my blogs. I maybee,, maybee swich. It goes so fast, something I am addicted to SPEED!!

I use Genesis framework, it is very good. No speed or cache up plugin! I use my own solution to speed. My blog is: http:// ottsjopunkten. tk , if you wanna take a look, remove the spaces.  LOVE from sweden //Kristina


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