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I can ramble on and on sometime and my post get pretty long.  I  noticed on some blogs the post are shortened and you click on more and it pulls up the rest of the post.

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I use wordpress and there's a little icon for it.  Experiment in your blogging platform to see if/where you have one, or google something like "blogging "more" option for blogger" or whatever platform you use :)  Without knowing what site you use I'm not much help, sorry!

Hello Patricia Darling,

If you are on blogger, when you edit or make a new post, you will see the tool bar above (if you are in compose) with fonts, colors, ect. There is an icon that looks like a piece of paper ripped in half.  It's called, "Insert Jump Break" and you insert it in your post where you want the break.

Hope this helps my Dear...  xoxo

One thing about using the jump: it might shorten your post in any reader that your followers read your blog in. So you'd probably get less people reading the posts in the long run. Maybe splitting what you're saying over multiple posts would be more effective?


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