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Share the story of your blog title! How did you decide? Was there an alternative? Does it have any significant meaning?


I know I had a few different names in mind. Sort of like baby names the names are written down on a piece of paper somewhere, lol! In the end I went with Blogaholic because everything I do- I overdo, so it was a perfect fit!



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I knew that when I was gonna start my blog it would be about random thoughts, and with it came axons and dendrites since our brain and neurons are made up of those plus it's something random for a blog title, right?... :)

at the moment my random thoughts are about makeup and food, and hope that you visit it too...


My blog title is Authentic Experience. It was a phrase that I borrowed from a friend of mine who had a category on his blog for all of his "life" posts which was called "authentic experience".

I wanted it to be relative to both the niche and audience I was hoping to reach hence, The Girlz Korner :)

I went through a few names...although to be honest I can't really remember what they were...something like unemployedgirl.com or something like that. And my mom kept telling me, "Don't use girl! People will tell you that's why you are unemployed! You still think of yourself as a girl!" lol...so I thought about what else I could use and instantly thought of Lady Unemployed, which has been my blog's pen name as well. 

So here we have it...http://www.ladyunemployed.com

Hmm, I think I went through about five names before I came to Lace and Lavender Hints. I finally decided upon it because I like lace, and lavender and I guess you could say 'hints' was just a bit of creative inspiration!



The name of my blog is Pennello Lane. It's about creativity so I wanted a name to reflect that. I paint, and also knit quite a bit, and when I started the blog I was remembering my Italian lessons and the word "pennello," Italian for paintbrush. I had recently been in the UK and had a particularly wonderful time in Liverpool, so it's sort of a variation of Penny Lane. Also, in Italian, "lane" means wool. I think the name sounds like an address, and I picture a little lane with an art gallery, book shop, yarn shop, cafe, etc... all places to be creative :)  Hope you'll come for a visit!

My blog is all about beauty stuffs..and I had a hard time choosing a catchy name for my blog. But I knew I wanted to have the word GLAM in it. I changed my blog name a few times... and after a few days I came up with all about being glam. so yeah, i just sticked to it. hehe. :D


My blog is The Tales of Me, MS it's what I got not who I am.  My blog started off as a blog about me and my life after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, hence 'The Tales of Me' .  Since my diagnosis I wanted to make sure my life wasn't ruled by MS and that there was more to it. Hence 'MS its what I got not who I am'.  So that's how I got my title.  It would be great if you pop over and take a peek at it :) http://itswhatigotnotwhoiam.blogspot.co.uk/

I've been blogging forever and the name of the blog has gone through several changes in that time.  Recently I settled on "Renlish".  It's very much an in-joke, people make fun of me because I tend to make up my own swear words and adjectives. It's been dubbed Renlish so often that it only makes sense to call the blog that.  I don't think I've ever been as comfortable with a name as I have been with this one.  The other one I had which I liked was "To Reign in Hell", which was pretty awesome because I was in a hellish job at the time.  It was actually an adopted URL given to me by a mate who had no use for it. I thought it was awesome.

In the movie and comic book world, a reboot is when a new perspective is taken with the characters or the series is reborn.  In the computer world, rebooting is to restart the system.  

After 43 years which were wasted on being a selfish person, several life changing events made me realize I need to seek what is truly important in life (to love and be loved).  So I am starting over with Rebooting This Crazy Life.

Interesting question, since lately I've been going back-and-forth about changing my name to something people would remember better.  But I chose Art, Photo, Craft because it was unique, it encompassed what I wanted the blog to be about (arts, crafts and other events in my city as well as my own photography and crafting).  Plus, if I moved to another state, I could take that name with me wherever I went.

Weird and important came out of a conversation I was having with some friends one day. I don't remember much of the conversation, only that I said 'I wish I was important. And weird. Weird and important'. It was pointed out to me that I am weird (apparently) and I realised I am important to some people. My wife, my family, etc, so I renamed my blog Weird and Important.


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