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Hey all lovely bloggers outside

Here is a nice discussion for letting everybody know when you had posted something new on your blog. It is a easy way to keep informed of all blogs and also find some new blogs to follow who sure follow back. 

As for me, my blog had a little makeover yesterday and two new posts after some busy weeks I finally found time again and promise to never keep my blog unposted.

Here is my link: http://pattygracekelly.blogspot.de

Feel free to click through all my posts and leave some comments if you want.

If you want to follow my blog, I here give you my deepest promise that I will follow you back!

xoxo, Patty

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Hey! I blog about stuff in general too [ not just being what I do daily]. 

I started another blog recently  - http://beanandjean.blogspot.ca/ 

This is the link to my 1st one - firebeneathmyheart.blogspot.ca.

I'm looking for readers more than dormant followers if you know what I mean. I'll definitely give yours a read !


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