Hi! I'm Saskia, fashion blogger from the Philippines. Is it okay if I ask you to check out my blog and maybe follow me too? I would love to gain a new follower!! Here are my links:


Blogspot: http://thesassytheory.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saskiasacro

Nuffnang: http://www.nuffnangx.com/blog/bfS222B?utm_source=thesassytheory.blo...


Don't you worry! Of course, I'll follow you back. Just comment to me your links! :)  Thank you and have a nice day! x



The Sassy Saskia :)

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I have followed your lovely blog and left a comment on your latest post.



I am following your blog, which is totally amazing by the way :)

Could you follow mine?


great blog...i've followed your blog. mine is:



Hey Saskia,

I like the blog! I'm your newbie follower on twitter & facebook. Please check my blogsite out, Properhoney.

The blog is here! Cheers!

Your blog is super cute & I'm a new follower of yours on twitter.


Hi Saskia,

I've followed your blog, and hope you'd do the same too :)


Pu Niao

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