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Hey guys!

      Alright so I'm very glad that there are so many blog hops being hosted at the moment, but mine doesn't fit into a specific day category. For the blog hop that I host, I have it running all the time so that people can add their link and surf around the list and see who else's blog they like. The only other problem is that I don't have any blogs on my list yet (other than my own haha ;;). So, if you'd like, please visit my blog hop here and grab a badge; don't forget to comment if you add you link so I can connect to your blog with GFC, yeah? I really want to see more beauty and fashion blogs because I feature my favorite articles from these types of blogs at the end of the week; also, if you have a lookbook and you want to be featured, or want to do a button swap, email me at email.sdswd@gmail.com, and put RE:Lookbook/Button Swap in the subject line please. Thanks again and happy surfing, hopefully my blog hop will become successful and serve its purpose!

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<a href="http://cloudninekollektiv.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1mgevgzIDJY/UKPjpw3vTlI/AAAAAAAAAZQ/sG7_CZ1rK_U/s200/blghpbttn.png" alt="Find me in the C9K Blog Hop!"/></a>

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