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I have been invited to a blog hop where I need to select 5 people to take part after me. I have 3 now. Anyone interested?



This is another blog-hopping promo.

Paragraph Exchange Bloghop

On the 22nd of December-Saturday it will be your turn to create a blog post similar which follows these guidelines. (My blog will post on the 15th of December.)

Para Exchange blog hop instructions:

1. You need to choose 5 authors with blogs who will succeed you. Your blog will be posted on Saturday, the 22nd of December.

2. The 5 authors you choose post their blog on Saturday the 29th of Dec, (and so on for the following Saturday for their 5 authors).

3. The intro of your blog should explain what you are doing and have a mention and link the person who tagged/invited you. The link to my blog is http:// jlennidornerblog.what-are-they.com

4. You will FEATURE ONE of your five with a paragraph from their book or upcoming work (paste and copy) that highlights the word: LONGING, YEARNING, or SEARCHING (or derivatives of these words). You will highlight the word in bold.

5. You will then post the pic of cover of their book, a few lines of bio and possibly their picture as well.

6. Then you will do the same for YOUR book, all of the above.

7. So there is the introduction, then a paragraph from 1 of your 5 selected writers, info on that person, a paragraph from your work, and info on you. Then links to the people you have tagged/invited to carry this on. This is the complete blog post.

Paragraph from other with highlighted words
Bio about that writer
Paragraph of your own with highlighted words
Your brief bio

Pass the explanation on to the five who you tag/invite.  When you send on these instructions don't forget to change the dates to a week after yours, and to put your own blog link in #3. 

(I hope this is the right spot to put this. If not, please advise.)

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If you still have any spots left i'd be really interested!! 

never co-hosted a hop before, but i've loved taking part in the few I have!!



It isn't the traditional bloghop where there are a ton of links. But it should be quite fun. And yes, I have still a space. It's yours if you want it.

count me in please, I want to promote my blog



Thanks for the response, but this took place last weekend. Sorry.


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